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Ideas to Organize a Small Pantry That Will Change Your Life

Pantry Organization

Not every home has the large walk-in pantry of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be organized and maximize the space you do have. Making organization decisions based on the space you have and the way you live your life will be key in having a life changing organized pantry.

Here are some great ideas to maximize your small pantry:

1. Adjust & Rearrange Your Shelves

If you have the ability to change the height of your shelves, this can be the perfect way to make sure you are not missing out on any precious space. Start from the bottom, and place your item organizers as desired, followed by adjusting the shelves to the perfect height.

2. Use Bins & Baskets to Your Advantage

Bins and baskets are perfect for organizing snacks and other loose pantry items. You can get any type of bin that matches your style. Personally, I love clear bins with non-slanted sides so they can all line up in the most uniform way. You can also add labels if you desire.

3. Organize in a U-shape

If you have a small pantry with deeper shelves, you can take advantage of the space by organizing items in a u-shape. Fill in the sides of each shelf, followed by filling out the back with more items. This allows you to see everything without needing to dig around.

4. Use the Back of Your Pantry Door

There are many ways you can use the back of the pantry door for additional storage and organization. With an over-the-door hanging rack, you can organize spices, cleaning supplies, and dry goods. You can also purchase hanging strips from Amazon to hold all the lids for your pots and pans. The options are endless!

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