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How To Live Comfortably With Less


You are sitting in the comfort of your home, feeling your stress level rise as you look around at all the clutter, yet you just have to have the latest and greatest gimmick. Making purchases today is as simple as clicking a button and receiving the item as soon as tomorrow. Yet, you begin to question your frivolous purchases and wonder "can I live comfortably with less?". The simple answer is yes.

Living with less might seem scary, daunting and even unfulfilling. However, when done "right", you will find a sense of peace and calm once you realize the value in living with less stuff. Here are 5 ways to set you up for living comfortably with less.


#1: STOP buying for the sake of buying

It is so easy and tempting to go shopping when we have a free moment, to click that "buy now" button while scrolling Facebook, or to stray from our shopping list and purchase those extras. The truth is- this may be hard to admit- but you don't actually need those things in order to survive. Yes, it is nice to treat ourselves to something new now and again, but be selective in those purchases.

#2: In with the new, out with the old

When purchasing a new item, get rid of an old one at home. This method is especially useful when buying clothing!

#3: Write down a list of things you need in order to live comfortably

At first glance, your list may seem long winded. Write down your needs- including a few items and possessions that bring you joy such as that trinket grandma gave you. Think of items in each room of your home including kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and garage. Next, leave your list for a day or two and then come back to it. Try to cross a few items off of your list, being thoughtful and honest with yourself.

#4: Declutter, purge and organize

Once you have kicked the habit of 'buying for the sake of buying', and perfected your list of needs, begin the decluttering process. This means getting rid of possessions that you no longer want, use or need in order to live comfortably. If you have multiples of some items, donate them, and if something is broken, discard it. Once you have decluttered and purged, organize the items you have left. If the idea of this entire process leaves you feeling nauseated and increases your stress level, consider hiring a Professional Organizer. Their job is to assist you in this process, making it easier and attainable.

#5: Display items that bring you joy

After you have removed the clutter from your home and kicked those frivolous spending habits, display the things that bring you joy and comfort. This may include a cozy blanket left out on the arm of your favourite easy chair, a good book on an end table or your favourite vase with fresh flowers. Enjoy the fruits of your labor while relishing in the fact that you are now living comfortably with less.

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