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How Hiring A Professional Organizer Saved My Sanity

Professional Organizing Help

"The kitchen is a mess, the storage room is overflowing, there are toys everywhere and I am so overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin". Does this sound familiar to you? It might be time to hire a professional organizer, someone who can help to coach and guide you through the organizing process. This is exactly what Sarah decided to do after quoting the above to me.


Sarah reached out to Precision Professional Organizing one afternoon when she was "at her wits end". She expressed to me that she felt as if she was drowning in "stuff" and that she needed help to get organized and minimize what they had in their home. Sarah explained that she is a busy mom with three kids, all under the age of 7, and how over the years the clutter began to build and seemingly take over their home. She realized that it was time to ask for help so that she and her family could enjoy their home and feel at peace within it.

At the end of our call together, Sarah decided to hire Precision Professional Organizing to take back the main pain points in her home: The kitchen, kids' bedrooms and storage room. When I arrived, I could tell that Sarah was stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. She had a lot going on and I knew that I had to help her with her spaces so that it was one less thing for her to worry about.

We got to work on the kitchen right away, starting with the large pantry. We took EVERY item out and categorized it, pouring food items into clear containers and created a plan for the pantry. We used a variety of baskets, turn tables and can holders to keep items neat and organized. Once the baskets were labelled, we moved onto the rest of the kitchen where we rearranged, purged and made the space functional for the entire family.

The kids' rooms were full of toys, games, books and costumes and many of these items were not utilized. Together, Sarah and I got to work and filled two boxes with donation items. We took advantage of the closet space and stored books and clothes within, and set up a functional play space in each room for the kids' to enjoy.

During our final session together, Sarah and I tackled their storage room- a place that housed out of season items, decorations, a deep freeze and an extra fridge. We purchased additional shelving units in order to get items up off of the floor and created zones in order to separate their belongings into categories.

Here are some final words from Sarah:

"Although it took several hours to complete the project, we are finished! I feel so many emotions, but most of all I am relieved. My kitchen is functional, the kids can enjoy their rooms and we can actually find things! If you are on the fence about hiring a professional organizer, just do it! Hiring a professional to help me organize my home saved my sanity".

If you are struggling to declutter and organize your space, contact us today!

*The name was changed and photos were not included in order to respect the privacy of the client.

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