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How to Get Organized For Your Busy Week Ahead

Getting Organized

We all have those weeks that are full to the brim with all types of busy; those weeks that we almost dread because we aren’t quite sure how we will accomplish everything. Whether your week ahead is full of kids’ activities, work meetings, appointments or other commitments, here are my top tips to keep you organized, on track and virtually stress free.


Busy schedules require some planning ahead of time. I recommend carving out 30 minutes to an hour every Sunday morning (after breakfast so your body is fueled) to make a weekly plan.

1. Make a simple meal plan

Meal planning makes life a whole lot easier, especially when you have a lot on the go, and also decreases the amount of time you spend eating take- out meals.

There are hundreds of meal planning ideas out there, but I recommend purchasing a small magnet board and attaching it to the refrigerator. Using a permanent marker, list the days of the week along the side of the board, and write down a meal beside each day using a dry erase marker. Providing a visual is helpful when you have a family as it allows them to see what’s for dinner each night so they aren’t bothering you with the dreaded question “What’s for dinner?” over and over again.

2. Create a Master Calendar

During your Sunday planning time, create a master calendar so everyone can see what is happening during the week. You can purchase a large monthly calendar and tack it to the fridge or wall, or there are even large weekly calendar options if that is more appealing to you.

When filling out your calendar, I like to color code for each member of my family. We each have a color and I write down the activity and time in our respective color, making it user friendly and easy to identify what each family member has going on. Glance at the calendar each morning so everyone knows what lies ahead and necessary preparations can be made. Make sure that your important dates make it into your digital calendar as well!

3. Pick out Clothing The Night Before

If you or your children struggle with what to wear each morning, choosing an outfit the night before is a great option. Completely this task ahead of time cuts back on the time it takes to get ready in the morning and can help alleviate a lot of stress, especially if you have children!

4. Make Your Lunch Ahead of TIme

Similar to choosing an outfit the night before, if you or your children take lunch to work/school, pack it the night before. Packing lunch ahead of time allows for more thought to go into what will be eaten, resulting in a more nutritious meal. I recommend packing lunches if there is time while dinner is cooking, or packing them after dinner to allow for ample time to clean up and complete the task so there is still some down time before bed.

5. Consider Showering at Night

If you struggle to get up in the morning and find that you’re often late getting out the door, consider showering at night. This will cut back on the time it takes to get ready in the morning, and showering at night can be very relaxing before bed.

6. Eat Breakfast

Plan to eat breakfast every morning to fuel your body for the day and to boost your metabolism. If you aren’t a huge breakfast fan, make a smoothie that includes fruit and a form of protein such as yogurt or milk. Sometimes drinking breakfast is easier and more appealing than chewing and eating something solid.


By following these simple steps, you can be prepared for your week ahead and relax knowing that everyone and everything is organized in a way that will help life run smoothly!

If you need support getting your life or space organized, reach out and book a call with Precision Professional Organizing to see how we can help you to take back your life.

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